Sublime360° is one of a kind online marketplace for custom made personalized fine art.   We connect art lovers and buyers who want original creations with professional and passionate artists that can create the unique custom art.

To put it simply, we believe that everyone everyone deserves to be celebrated through art, not just the celebrities. And we think that buying custom artwork from independent artists is a viable alternative to buying from big art retailers and overpriced galleries. For that reason, we’re creating an online platform that allows you to engage in a whole new way as an art consumer.

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  • To produce one-of-a-kind custom fine artworks just for you.
  • To make buying custom personalized fine art into easy process.
  • To deliver custom “fine gallery quality” art right to your door.
  • To make custom fine art more affordable for the average consumer.
  • To support independent artists.

founder01Hanni B. Love

Founder, Lead Artist

Prolific and innovative international artist and a photographer Hanni B. Love obtained her BA in Media Arts and Animation from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and continued developing her own style of “sexy” art which ultimately led to opening her own art and design company and online gallery Sublime360°. Her work is extremely original and easily identifiable, not only for the vibrant color combinations, but also for the intriguing, thought-provoking and often provocative subject matter.
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Digital & Fine Artists

Are you an artist looking for some extra work?

Sublime360° has compiled 20 fine artist positions that need to be filled right now! Browse through our website and see if you have the skills it takes to land one of these exciting projects.

Contact us to apply.

Sales Associates

Do you love to sell art? We are looking for awesome sales & amazing customer service team members with professional appearance & demeanor and positive and enthusiastic approach to everyday.  If this is you, we’d love to hear from you.


Want an exciting, rewarding part-time job? Become a photographer for Sublime360° projects.  We are looking for photographers who enjoy being creative and working with people. Experienced photographers preferred!

Our Story

It all started back in 2008, when one of Hanni B. Love’s graphic design clients came across one of her artworks in her private portfolio and fell in love with her unique style of nude art. She offered to purchase it, but having a high-quality taste, she had a very specific demand about how she wanted the final artwork to look . Hanni gladly took on the challenge and few days later the first Sublime360 artwork was born. At this point it didn’t take long for Hanni to realize she had found something special that not only satisfied her passion for art, but also brought enjoyment to everyone that got to be part of the creation process.

Seeing the potential to provide the same experience for many others, she quickly created a small website and started to work with local models and photographers on creating more art. But after she moved away to pursue other personal dreams, she needed to think of better ways that would allow her to keep creating her custom art even from far apart. Therefore in 2014 she transformed  her old website into a matchmaker enabling art buyers and artists to collaborate on unique personal art projects that can fill their homes and lives. Today, Hanni B. Love continues to build an online community with many different projects to choose from to make custom personalized art an every day option.

Back in 2009

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What customers say about us

  • Sublime360 art has been a beautiful addition to our very high-end home and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the art. We liked Sublime360’s style so much, that I ended up buying more art for my son as a “going away to college gift” to place in his dorm-room. He couldn’t be more excited as it was a big hit with all the students at the University.

    Salena Miller
    art buyer
  • My husband loves the ocean so I had Sublime360 create a piece of art for me that would portray the oceanic theme. The final artwork was filled with beautiful images of turtles, sea shells, fish and all kinds of other ocean critters all over my body and was framed in beautiful blue frame with glassy finish. I was very happy with it and so was my husband.

    JoJo Lanier
    happy client
  • I found a sexy illustration in magazine that I wished to have re-created for my partner but after a long search I had no luck finding the right artist.  Until I finally came across Sublime360.  Everything looks absolutely perfect!!  A great Christmas present for a man who is impossible to shop for.  Thank you for the gorgeous job.

    Joann Rice
    satisfied client
  • “Sublime360 was super friendly, quick and extremely professional. I absolutely loved the original art piece they created for me! I would highly recommend them for custom pieces.”

    Diana Riley
    art lover
  • WOW! Incredible art. Hanni B. Love is amazing! I definitely know a lot of women who would LOVE to have a picture of theirs done like this 😉  In particular a lot of women in Sedona. And coaches who are focused on Goddess and Authenticity. My partner was soooo impressed with my final art!

    Emma Juniper
    life coach
  • “We recently had Sublime360 create our wedding portrait and received our finished artwork only 3 weeks after our event. We are more than satisfied and happy that we chose Sublime360 and this amazing and unique service they offer. Our painting came out beautifully and we plan to pass it down in our future family for years to come. From the initial contact through the planning process Hanni B. was super professional and easy to work with. Sublime360 will help make your big day, or any event unforgettable through their art.”

    Miriam White
    satisfied bride
  • I have three artworks from Sublime360 and it is the only art hanging on my walls in my apartment. Hanni B. is very talented and extremely easy to work with and I am also very grateful to Sublime360 for the help I’ve received on my book Field Guide to Chicks of the United States.

    Joe Bovino