What is Sublime360° custom art?

Beautiful, alluring, fun, dramatic, sexy, and sensual art of yourself or your loved one. Your Sublime 360° art, featuring your personal image, will be something you will cherish forever! This incredibly romantic and intimate art is perfect way to celebrate yourself or to be created as a gift for your honeymoon, anniversaries, special occasions, or Valentine’s Day.

How long does it take to get my custom made art?

Usually, a proof sheet will be available in approximately 2 weeks. The actual art will take longer. Depending on package you choose, your order may be ready within a week to three weeks after proof approval. Rush service is available upon request.  Oil painted art completion varies on the amount of detail in the painting (Minimum 45 days).

Will my photographs or art appear on the Internet or anywhere else without my permission?

We are always private and confidential.  Custom art will not be displayed or sold unless released by the client.  We work privately with our models and clients and we pride ourselves on our confidentiality.

Do you offer custom framing for the art?

Yes.  All our art comes already framed unless requested otherwise.  Our custom designed frames are created to compliment our unique art styles.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept cash, check, Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover or ATM. Payment plans are not available.

Can I purchase the art as a digital file?

No. You can only receive digital files for proofs. Reproduction of art is strictly prohibited.  All rights granted under existing copyright law (i.e., the right to publish a work within a specific area) are retained by the copyright holder and that legal action may be taken against infringement. (The artist owns the right of the art).

Who owns the right of the art?

Customarily, the artist owns the right of the art and you may not reproduce the art for any kind of profit without our written permission from the artist and from Sublime360°.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?

Gift certificates can be purchased for any package.

What else should I know abut Sublime360°?

There is nothing more important to us than your happiness with the experience of Sublime360°, and with your art. We want you to tell others about it. How we achieve this is simple: integrity, respect, and sensitivity.
We will honor your wishes at all times. You will feel safe, secure, and confident. No image of you will ever be made available to anyone without your permission. Your privacy is always respected, and no one except the artist, photographers and anyone else you allow will be present at your art creation. And yes, you will have a great time making beautiful images for your Sublime360° art!

The final product: A sexy gift for yourself or for a loved one!

When you present this art as a gift to your loved one, he or she should be thrilled! Many people are so happy with the results, they can’t wait to share the art and tell their friends about the experience.

Can I discuss Sublime360° art creation beforehand?

We love to speak to our clients before creating the art.  We finds it necessary to discuss what you may be looking for, the theme of the art, and how to go about getting the best possible photo for the art.  We also wants to get to know your deeper spirit to better describe your true character in the art.  Details such as clothing, makeup, hair, etc. will also be discussed.

So, what's Sublime360° art creation process like?

Sublime360° art creation  process is usually very fun, positive, and mostly creative and will certainly make a wonderful gift for yourself or loved one. It’s a collaborative process where the artist and subject are working to create an illusion of place, mood, and atmosphere. Nervousness quickly gets replaced by confidence and the work at hand.

Your comfort is most important to us. All of our clients are treated with the utmost consideration and respect. You will never feel anything short of beautiful. We see beauty in all of our subjects, and you are no exception.

Prior to your actual art creation we will go over any ideas or questions you may have. People tend to feel very comfortable with us and our artists. We’ll provide ideas, directions for posing, and a trained eye for the perfect photo for your art.

By the end of the art creation process, we want you to feel like you’ve had a surprisingly fun and enjoyable experience!

Am I going to have to get sprayed with body paint at any point?

No messy body paint is necessary. All artwork is painted over the photographs after the photo is provided. However, if you would like to experience being painted and want your art to include real bodypaint, that can always be arranged!

I don't have a photo, can you take one for me?

Yes. As long as you cover all agreed travel expenses (flights / rental cars / accommodations if required) we will gladly come to take the photo of you.

Sublime 360° photo sessions traditionally take place in regular studio, the client’s home, a luxurious hotel suite or even outdoors.  Studio environment has a more controlled setting, because we use lights, backgrounds and whatever is necessary to pull off a shot. Location shoots are more demanding, because we have the weather, available light, and other distraction to worry about. But it’s all up to you. The most important factor in determining location is to make sure it is comfortable, and that there are no distractions.

What about my body type?

You don’t have to have the so-called “perfect” body to look absolutely stunning in Sublime360° art. As a matter of fact, most of our clients have the same complaints about their bodies as you probably do. Not to worry, our job is to minimize certain attributes, maximize others and emphasize your best assets. The idea is to look incredibly sexy and alluring. We’ll highlight your best features. We find our clients are pleasantly surprised with how great they look in the final art.  Confidence will come with trusting in your artist’s abilities. And that confidence will show in your art.  The goal is to make you thrilled with the final product.

How revealing do I have to be in my photo?

How revealing or conservative you want to be is up to you. But we prefer to work from nude or semi-nude photos.  At your pre-art creation consultation we can discuss what you feel most comfortable with.

Didn’t find the question you are looking for? No problem.  Just send us your message and one of our representatives will answer all your questions as soon as possible.

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Sublime360 Custom Art

CUSTOM Fine Art Portrait (30 x 42 Mixed Media)


Custom portrait created especially for you, digitally remastered into a work of fine art from a nude or semi-nude photo provided by you. 

Note: The art images you see are just samples. You are actually ordering a custom art that will be created from YOUR photo that you must provide, or we will come take one for you.  Travel cost not included.  


CUSTOM Fine Art Portrait (24 x 36 Canvas)


Custom portrait created especially for you, digitally remastered into a work of fine art from a nude or semi-nude photo provided by you. 

Note: The art images you see are just samples. You are actually ordering a custom art that will be created from YOUR photo that you must provide, or we will come take one for you.  Travel cost not included.  



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