Hanni Brzobohaty known as Hanni B. Love is an entrepreneur, international artist, web developer and a photographer.

She was born in the beautiful country of Czech Republic in July of 1981 and at the age of 14, after spending most of her childhood in a small town of Horni Becva, she moved to Florida to continue her art education in the United States.

Hanni has survived much adversity and many challenges in her own life. She has truly learned much through attendance at the “School of Hard Knocks” and has graduated with “high honors.” Rather than letting the setbacks, tragedies and failures of life get her down, Hanni has chosen to take these experiences and learn from them. Through hard work and dedication, she has “broken the cycle” of negative events in her life, transforming herself in the process and switching the momentum toward happiness and success and away from sorrow, anger and failure.

More formally, Hanni B. attended college receiving a BA degree in media arts and computer animation; a natural given her artistic and creative tendencies; and continued developing her own style of sexy and often spiritual art which ultimately led to opening her own art and design company and online gallery. Since than her sensual, beautifully rendered erotic art has made her website a uniquely healing place to visit.

Hanni had always had an uncanny ability to read people through a mind-body connection involving emotion. With this knowledge as her guide, Hanni explored development of her spiritual and intuitive gifts, leading her to attend school of Healing Arts and to this day she continues to study and expand her knowledge in healing energy work and practice her intuitive gifts learning from several well-respected International Mediums and Psychics as well as International Master Teachers.

Currently, Hanni resides in Oregon, USA.

“I feel that beauty is all around us. The human form is something we observe thousands of times a day. Yet no two bodies are ever seen the same way and the people-watching process never seems to grow old. Beautiful bodies represent possibly the oldest form of artistic beauty in history. And as such people-watching is the oldest form of art appreciation. But perhaps the process is really a sampling for higher beauty and a yearning for the truly sublime.

DaVinci and Michaelangelo created symbolism that connected humanity with divinity. While LifeForm art may not remind you of God per se I think it provides a bridge to a spiritual level of ascendancy. It’s a slice of life from a higher plane – the sublime layer.

People are so much more than what they look like and what they wear. Even in a single moment one can often capture the essence of a being as a single blast of energy. This impression can capture abstract details that extend beyond the senses and above and beyond the material core. We unfurl the mortal coil and free the spirit to fly higher. Visceral, ethereal, enlightened and elated, the physical plane is broken.”
~ Hanni B. Love