Art Project Description:

Fine Art Giclée – Hand Embellished – Purchase art “as is” or have this art “custom-created” for you from a photo of yourself.

Canvas Giclée
Framed Print
Mixed Media (Resin Finish)
Available Sizes:
16’x20′ Custom Only
32’x40′ Custom Only
Hanni B. Love
$549 As Is or $425 –$1,295 Custom

This Digital Fine Art giclée portrait is elaborately “ultra” hand-embellished and signed by the artist. There is an exceptional amount of painting applied to the giclée to create the notable texture and tactile quality for which our art has become so well-known.

Long ago, many cultures regarded certain animals as reflecting a person’s true essence, as a link between this world and the spiritual realm.
Today, this cosmic connection has become a cultural touchstone for a new generation. Through clues and meditations you can still discover your own spirit animal as well as information on how other animals can be called upon to help with specific desires from overcoming fear to finding true love.

Colors as well as extra elements in art can be customized by by the client.

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