What is Sublime360° really about?

Hanni B. Love

The art style introduced by us blends nearly photo-realistic painting and fine art nude photography into a single image that transcends the boundaries of the separate disciplines; An image one step closer to reality than any artist could render, yet beyond the realistic capabilities of any photographer.

After your photograph is transferred to painting canvas, we render each element in accurate detail, as if you were painted at the scene. We use mixed-media such as oils, acrylics, watercolors, resin as well as our computer skills to illustrate, create and perfect your image, innermost thoughts, and ideas.

Some forms are complacent and serene. Some demand motion to be noticed properly. And still others are simply still, profound and stoic, begging the viewer to question the true nature of the subject’s deeper character within.

Regardless of the unique personal characteristics applied to each subject every image is intended to capture a sublime, idealized extrapolation of the original beautiful human. It’s a glorious, exalted form of the human at the core.

This is the most exciting part of what we experience. Each artwork is intertwined with the spirit of the subject in the work. They are all “Everyday Super Heroes” that deserve to be celebrated. To the rest of the world they are ordinary business leaders, soccer moms, politicians, teachers, etc. But to the loved ones that perceive these special people in their enlightened state, they are real Super Heroes.

Sublime360° art is multi-faceted. From many points of view the sublime expression is captured and celebrated. That is the beauty, the power and the excitement of what we do. The highest form of expression captured as immortal – Sublime360°.

The LifeForm art originally created by Hanni B. Love is quite unique. Most find it evocative and scintillating. Some appear shocked at the erotic depictions but deep inside they are impressed and aroused. The vibrant colors and bold geometric patterns flow fluidly as a 3-dimensional extrusion, rising above the organic curves below. The images evoke visions of supernatural forces, giving rise to god-like powers. But the curves are unmistakably human. That’s not surprising though, because all of the images begin with a live human model.

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